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Family Law

Family Law matters usually relate to children’s issues, property issues or both. We are able to provide legal services to assist in all matters involving family matters which can be at best emotionally challenging to quite complex and complicated.

Our approach in all matters is to ensure that our clients are given prompt, courteous and cost effective service. From the outset we aim to see that our clients have a clear understanding of the process involved which would include an outline of the timetable of events, an outcome that could be expected and an estimate of the costs through each of the stages including a final hearing.

Resolving matters through negotiation can avoid considerable legal costs and increased tension between parties, however, if a satisfactory result cannot be achieved through negotiation for our clients then we will advise in relation to issuing Court proceedings.

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Child Protection cases

Child Protection matters can be extremely stressful and emotionally challenging for all concerned.

Child Protection matters generally involve a situation where children have been subjected what authorities refer to as “an unacceptable risk of harm”.

Our legal services usually involves an assessment of the risk of harm to the children and if a risk is found to exist then the authority will make an application to the Children’s Court for the children to be placed in the care of the authority until the concerns of the authority are addressed through quite an in depth process.

Where it is alleged that the children’s basic physical or psychological needs are not being met or are at risk of not being met, or when children have not been provided appropriate medical treatment, or where the children have been exposed to domestic violence, or have been put at risk of suffering psychological or physical harm the authority will usually intervene to prevent any possible harm coming to the children.

We are able to assist families manage the legal process in a professional and compassionate way. Our clients are advised in a clear and precise manner as to the operation of the relevant laws and the issues that need to be considered in achieving the best results possible given the circumstances.

Grandparents or other relatives who have a close relationship with the children in these situations can be involved in Child Protection proceedings.

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Wills and Estates

We encourage clients who are seeking to update their wills to also consider Powers of Attorney.

There are a number of situations where people need someone to act on their behalf prior to their passing. In the event of a person being involved in an accident or suffering a medical condition which renders them incapable of properly managing their financial affairs or providing appropriate instructions regarding their medical treatment then a Power of Attorney can provide another trusted person with the authority necessary to enable the management of financial affairs and appropriate instructions in relation to medical treatment.

We provide advice in relation the drafting of Powers of Attorney as well as the drafting of Wills.

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Select Magistrates Court Appearances

We take instructions from clients who require representation in the Local Magistrates Court concerning drink driving matters, motor vehicle infringement notices and also uncontested Intervention Applications in relation to Family Law matters.

We do not undertake criminal law matters.