18 Bridge St Benalla, 03 5762 2214

About Our Benalla Law Firm


innie and Associates is a new Benalla law firm established on the old values of honesty and integrity. When building a house, every brick counts. That is the same principle that we recognise as being essential to the structure and constitution of this law firm. As well as honesty and integrity being of utmost importance to us, every client of this law firm is also very important to us.

Our reputation is paramount to our success. We are committed to upholding our reputation for honesty and integrity. We do so by accepting instructions within our areas of expertise and by declining to act if a matter is outside our area of expertise or to act where the likelihood of success is at best doubtful.

We understand that every client and their circumstances are different and to that end our approach is tailored to the individual's needs. If any matter requires the assistance of a Barrister then we are pleased to say that we have close connections with some of the most experienced and highly regarded Barristers whom we brief on a regular basis.

Through experience we have developed a sound knowledge as to how a matter should be conducted and the steps that should be taken in achieving the best outcome for our clients. We are prepared to advocate compromise when that is the most sensible and cost effective approach to take. On the other hand we will not hesitate to advocate for you in Court if a suitable outcome cannot otherwise be reached. One might compare the way in which we conduct a case, where the opponents are being difficult to deal with and the matter proceeds to Court, to the strategies employed in the playing of a game of football. We play within the rules and obey the umpires decision, we will play the ball and not the man but we will play to win the best outcome that can be achieved for our clients.

Many negative comments have been made about lawyers and the way in which fees are charged. Our charter is to demonstrate that such negativity is not associated with the way in which we conduct our business. There will no doubt be some matters that do not run to plan for any number of reasons. However, in such cases we have a policy that a person should not receive an account they are not expecting. We will endeavour to ensure that before costs are incurred by our clients that they will be able to make an informed decision before proceeding with a matter.

As well as offering our clients a commitment to service their needs in a professional manner we endeavour to make sure that quality communication is provided. We will make no promises that we cannot keep but we do offer a service that we believe will reflect our care for and concerns of our clients. In a nutshell we aim to be the law firm that people are happy to have dealt with and who will feel confident in referring their friends to us.